Oxford Instruments announces new Canadian distributor for the handheld X-MET7000 Series and X-Supreme8000 XRF analyzers

Oxford Instruments, a manufacturer of a wide range of analytical X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) instruments for the industrial analysis market, is pleased to announce a new sales distribution channel in Canada with Romquest Technologies.  This partnership is part of a strategic plan to grow and strengthen the Oxford Instruments regional distributor network for the X-Supreme within the mining industry and the handheld X-MET7000 Series XRF analyzer within the mining and exploration, environmental screening of soil, and RoHS industries throughout Canada.

Oxford Instruments is looking forward to a prosperous partnership with Romquest Technologies. Chris Horvath, Oxford Instruments Director of Sales & Marketing XRF Products – Americas states, “We are very excited to welcome Romquest Technologies to our distribution network in Canada. For more than 10 years now, Romquest Technologies has been distributing and servicing elemental analyzers in the mining and environmental monitoring markets throughout Canada. No matter how remote the location, they are ready to support the customer’s needs. We feel that with holistic approach of providing world-class spectrometers in combination with the excellent knowledge and market experience that Romquest Technologies brings, our existing and new potential customers benefit from a very competitive product line up with excellent local support and knowledge.”

Romquest Technologies is committed to providing quality analytical laboratory equipment.  “Romquest Technologies has very good experience and coverage of the mining and environmental industries across Canada, successfully distributing and servicing elemental analyzers in remote locations, for more than 10 years. We are very excited to distribute the Oxford Instruments XRF spectrometers, a first class product made by the company who pioneered the handheld XRF analyzers decades ago. We are looking forward to penetrating the difficult and demanding environment of the Canadian climate for mining and exploration with the Oxford Instruments XRF handheld units. It is an exciting time and place, as mining is becoming the most dynamic sector of the Canadian economy and Romquest Technologies is well-positioned to be part of that growth”, says Chris Barbur, President of Romquest Technologies.

Customers of Oxford Instruments, located in Canada, should contact Romquest Technologies for product sales of the X-MET XRF analyzers used for mining, soil testing and environmental analysis and X-Supreme for mining.  Their knowledgeable staff will ensure the right product fit for your needs.  Romquest Technologies can be contacted through the following channels:

Name:  Romquest, Technologies
64 Guided Crt,Toronto, Ontario, M9V 4K6, Canada
Website: www.romquest.com
Phone: +1 416 742-9068 or +1 888 742-9068
Fax: +1 416 742-6817
Email:  sales@romquest.com

Oxford Instruments would like to take this opportunity to underline our commitment to our customers and their businesses by reinforcing that their success is very important to us.  It is our goal to provide our customers with world-class sales and service support on their Oxford Instrument XRF products.

For a free demonstration or consultation, please fill out the booking form and one of our consultants will arrange a free consultation by phone, Skype, at Romquest office or your site.

We are scheduling demonstrations across Canada. Please visit our Events Page to see and register for upcoming events.

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