Belec IN-SPECTThe Belec IN-SPECT is the new compact stationary spectrometer for metal analysis. The tabletop instrument combines most of the features of a complex laboratory instrument in a compacted way.

The integrated spectrometer, containing the latest state-of-the-art 5GSO System,designed by belec engineers, allows the usage of any ideal spectral lines without any compromise.

From now on the daily recalibration procedure belongs to history.The new MCDC system does it automatically unconsciously. One drift correction will give excellent results for several weeks.Belec offers a wide range of adapters for nearly all kinds of sample shapes and sizes. Without a special sample preparation, various pieces such as pipes, wires, metal splinters,screws and even small balls can be analysed.

Further characteristics are:

  • high performance ability due to the latest 5GSO System (5th Generation Spectrometer Optic System)
  • latest state-of-the-art detectors,developed for spectroscopy application
  • compact construction
  • service- and operator friendly design
  • low detection limits
  • excellent precision
  • user-friendly software Belec Win 21
  • free accessible sparking stand for bigger samples
  • attractive design
  • installation and instruction by qualified personnel
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