Oxford Instruments launches a specialist XRF minimg handheld analyser geared to today’s mining and environmental testing professionals

Oxford Instruments announces the X-MET7500 Mining Analyser incorporating the latest detector technology, providing a superb combination of speed, flexibility and ease of use for on-site mining and soil analysis.

The X-MET7500 Mining Analyser delivers the versatility of a laboratory, right there in the field, enabling fast and reliable analysis of the widest variety of materials, including trace elements and light elements (from Magnesium). It features a large area, silicon drift detector, optimised for mining and soil applications, providing fast analysis, even when measuring light elements, coupled with detection limits down to 1ppm for important metals.

At the exploration and planning stages of the mining operation it is important to fully understand the geology of a site. The X-MET7500 handheld analyser offers market leading versatility throughout the mining process, from exploration, mine mapping and grade control, to environmental monitoring and control.

Jeff Jefferson, General Manager for the Industrial Analysis business said “The planet’s resources must be used wisely and this means without needless waste or unnecessary environmental impact. The better use of technology enables this. The Mining Analyser allows potential sites to be investigated more thoroughly with minimal invasion, yet quickly and with extreme confidence, throughout the mining cycle.”

The rugged handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) X-MET Mining Analyser offers significant savings in analysis costs, as samples can be measured on-site, immediately, with little or no preparation. For total confidence in results and full traceability, operators can easily and quickly adjust the calibration with site-specific samples or create and use custom calibration settings for specific requirements. The data can be combined with GPS location information to further boost the productivity for exploration, mine mapping and environmental screening.

The X-MET7000 series is equipped with a large and bright touch screen, operating even in the harshest environments. It clearly displays the analysis results as a list of compounds or in an elemental form, configured by the operator. The smart and intuitive graphical user interface is easy to learn and simple to operate, similar to that of a mobile phone.

The X-MET7500 Mining Analyser requires no external power and can operate for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge, saving on the amount of equipment needed to be carried to often remote locations.

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