North America Mining Expo
Sudbury, Ontario, September 10-11

North America Mining Expo is coming to Sudbury, Ontario September 10th and 11th. Sudbury is  home to the largest concentration of mining expertise anywhere in Canada and if you ask some people they would say the world. When you get this type of concentrated expertise on display you will be given access to the best and most innovative manufacturers/suppliers/service providers who all have ideas and solutions to your mine related issues.

What you can expect: 

At the tradeshow you will be exposed to an accelerated learning environment that can only takes place on the tradeshow floor .  You can expect to gain knowledge and exposure to new technologies, products and resources that are being introduced, find out what others are doing and how your company needs can be addressed right now. At the event you may wish to participate in educational seminars, or any number of networking events that will expose you to new people, new businesses and possibly new ways of thinking about your own operations. Bring your questions and get the answers your company needs today. Oh and yes – have fun.

We encourage our onsite viewers to study our list of exhibitors make use of our mobile software bookmark the companies that you wish to see and if you have a specific question ask them or arrange a time that you can meet them at the show.


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