The development of the first carbon and sulfur analyzer in 1981 marked the beginning of ELTRA’s success story 40 years ago.

From day one, the focus was on the design of analyzers for the precise determination of C, H, N, O, S element concentrations in solids. Over the years, the product portfolio was further expanded and refined, for example by adding thermogravimetric analyzers in 2007. Our goal has always been to design combustion analyzers which are characterized not only by high precision and detection sensitivity but are also robust enough to provide reliable measurement results under rough conditions.

The new generation of ELEMENTRAC analyzers impressively combines this claim with state-of-the-art technology and ease-of-use. The excellent price-performance ratio of our products together with our fast and reliable technical service helped us to continuously gain market share over the past four decades. Today, we are represented in more than 80 countries by a broad sales & distribution network.

In 2012, ELTRA became part of the VERDER Group and was integrated into the Scientific Division, which is home to renowned companies from the laboratory & analytical sector, including Retsch and Microtrac. Under the new management, substantial investments were made in new products and services for C/H/N/O/S elemental analysis and macro thermogravimetry. Customers in quality and analysis laboratories as well as research departments appreciate the speed, precision, and ease-of-use of ELTRA’s analyzers.

Our past experience and achievements motivate us to continue developing new analyzers. Securely positioned for the future, we will integrate new technologies into our portfolio which will allow us to conquer new markets over the next 40 years.

ELTRA – Exploring Elements!



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