High-quality analyzers and consumables

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Romquest Technologies is committed to providing quality analytical equipment, and the highest standards of customer service. We offer an alternative to overpriced analyzers, expensive service calls, and obsolete products.

Top 9 Questions customers usually ask:

1. Who is Romquest Technologies?
We are an EXCLUSIVE distributor for reputable manufacturers of high quality analyzers and consumables from Germany, Italy, and the USA.

2. Why would I buy from Romquest Technologies?
Because you can now have high quality, reliable analytical testing equipment with great service, no matter where you are located in Canada or USA, at reasonable prices. Our customers are very important to us, and we stand behind our analyzers for the life of the unit. Our products are no-nonsense, easy to maintain, robust and dependable, and we will not “obsolete” them or tell you we are no longer able to give you excellent service.

3. How is your service over the long term?
We have experienced technical staff available to serve you all the time, including evenings and weekends for emergency service calls. Our customers’ needs are our top priority and we make every effort to keep your equipment running.

4. How much do you charge for software upgrades?
FREE! Software upgrades for the life of your analyzer.

5. After how many years do you obsolete your analyzers?
We Don’t! We will not tell you that your analyzer has been made obsolete. We support and service all our units throughout their lifespan.

6.Do you carry a complete line of consumables and supplies?
We carry everything that you need to run your analyzer effectively: consumables, supplies, calibration standards, reagents, glassware, and spare parts. Don’t forget to ask us how you can reduce the cost of your current consumables!

7. Do the analyzers require frequent service calls?
No, our analyzers are robust, reliable, and easy to maintain and operate, requiring minimal service.

8. My old instrument is down, and I am told the parts are obsolete; can you help me?
We carry spare parts for some of our competitors’ products. So give us a call, we may just have what you need.

9.Do you have leasing programs available?
Yes, we offer lease-to-own programs, at very competitive rates.


At Romquest we know your time is precious, and choosing the right equipment for your application, reliable and cost-efficient over the long term, in your budget range, can be difficult. That’s why we’re investing our time to showcase what our products can do for you! We’re available to chat by phone or Skype, and encourage you to take advantage of personal demonstrations at the Romquest office.


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