ELEMENTRAC-ONH-pELTRA presents the latest generation of ONH analyzers for the determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in inorganic materials with a brand new design and improved functionalities.

Higher precision with even better reproducibility of the measurement results combined with a considerably reduced consumption of carrier gas are the main features of the ELEMENTRAC® ONH-p analyzers.

The core of the ELEMENTRAC® ONH-p is the powerful impulse furnace with an optimized sample drop mechanism which allows for a wide range of sample materials and sizes: from granules to massive particles of materials such as steel, copper, titanium or silicon.

The new analyzer generation is equipped with a precisely tuned IR measuring system (furnace, catalyst, IR detector) for oxygen determination. Nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations are measured by highly sensitive thermal conductivity cells which provide accurate results even for very low measuring ranges. For the first time it is now possible to use consumer-friendly argon as carrier gas.

The comprehensive software is easy-to-use and offers a variety of diagnosis and analysis tools which simplify routine tasks in the laboratory.


  • High precision and reduced gas consumption thanks to newly developed furnace
  • Highly sensitive determination of hydrogen and nitrogen by thermal conductivity analyses
  • Precise oxygen measurement from ppm level to percentage range
  • Low maintenance thanks to helpful diagnosis tools and improved design
  • User-friendly software allows for optimization of applications
  • Optional use of argon as carrier gas



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