Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzer ELEMENTRAC ONH‑p 2

The new ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 is a powerful and robust elemental analyzer for the measurement of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen concentrations in inorganic materials like steel, iron, copper or ceramics. The highly sensitive NDIR and thermal conductivity detectors reliably detect element concentrations from low ppm content to high percentages.

The innovative sample port system with pulsed chamber rinsing and vertical sample drop allows for user-friendly and comfortable analysis of rod-shaped, granular or powdery samples with a weight of up to 2 grams.

The ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 elemental analyzer meets or exceeds the requirements of all relevant international standards such as ASTM E 1019 or DIN EN 3976.

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  • Low gas consumption and high sensitivity due to closed gas system
  • Easy application of pins, powders and granules
  • Inexpensive argon as carrier gas possible
  • Short analysis time
  • Powerful impulse furnace with 8.5 kW
  • Optional Autocleaner
  • Reliable ONH elemental analysis of inorganic samples like steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, slags, ores, etc.


The ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 elemental analyzer is available as a single-element analyzer for oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen only, or in a multi-element configuration for measuring ON, OH, NH, or ONH. Whereas oxygen is determined as CO2 in up to two infrared cells, nitrogen and hydrogen are detected in their elemental form in a thermal conductivity cell. The ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 elemental analyzer uses an ON mode with helium carrier gas (optionally argon) and an OH mode with nitrogen carrier gas to take advantage of the sensitive thermal conductivity cell.


The chemicals and filters required for the operation of the ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 elemental analyzer are arranged conveniently on the front panel and can be concealed behind a removable door during routine operation. This arrangement significantly reduces the time required for maintenance and increases user-friendliness. In addition, innovative details considerably improve the reproducibility of measurements.

Innovative sample port & pulsed chamber flushing

The new sample port of the ONH-p 2 elemental analyzer ensures comfortable operation and reproducible measured values. Differently shaped samples like solid pieces, granules or powder in capsules can be applied up to a weight of 2000 mg, and are quickly freed from the surrounding atmosphere with the help of pulsed carrier gas flushing in the sample port. Then they drop vertically into the preheated graphite crucible for analysis.

  • Robust against dust development
  • No closing of capsules required
  • Direct application of up to 2000 mg granulate
  • Low in maintenance and wear

Powerful catalyst

During elemental analysis in the graphite crucible, carbon monoxide (CO) is produced which is converted to carbon dioxide (CO2) in the catalyst and subsequently detected in the IR cells. The easy-to-maintain catalyst with copper oxide filling ensures complete oxidation and thus, reliable oxygen analysis even of difficult materials such as oxides.

Closed gas management

The ELEMENTRAC ONH elemental analyzer series uses a closed gas system in overpressure. This ensures that always 100% of the released sample gas is fed to the detectors which guarantees low detection limits and good reproducibility.


In addition to the integrated solutions of the ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2, further options are available to increase efficiency and extend the application range of your elemental analysis.


By melting the sample in a graphite crucible at temperatures of up to 3000 °C deposits are generated at the upper electrode and in the furnace chamber which may affect the reproducibility of ONH measurements in a negative way.

The new optional Autocleaner reliably removes these deposits, enabling precise elemental analysis even for high throughputs. Additionally, an efficient gas calibration and cleaning furnace for thorough carrier gas pre-cleaning are available for the elemental analyzer.


The comprehensive Windows-based ELEMENTS software is an essential part of all ELEMENTRAC generation elemental analyzers.

A central window (analysis and results) is the starting point from which all functionalities required for the daily routine are easily accessible. From here it is possible to group and export analyzed samples, or register and analyze new samples. The user may call up various subordinate functionalities like application settings, calibration, diagnosis, or status.


Measured elements hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen
Samples inorganic
Furnace alignment vertical
Sample carrier graphite crucibles
Field of application ceramics, engineering / electronics, steel / metallurgy
Furnace electrode impulse furnace (max. 8,5 KW*), temperatures in excess of 3,000 °C
Detection method solid state infrared absorption for oxygen thermal conductivity for nitrogen and hydrogen
Typical analysis time 120 – 180 s
Chemicals required Schuetze reagents, copper oxide, magnesium perchlorate, sodium hydroxide
Gas required compressed air, helium 99.995 % pure, nitrogen 99.995% pure, argon 99.995% pure (if required), all gases with (2 – 4 bar / 30 – 60 psi)
Power requirements 3~ 400 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 8,500 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 56 x 78 x 64 cm
Weight ~ 165 kg
Required equipment PC, balance (resolution 0.0001g), monitor
Optional accessories carrier gas purification, external chiller, gas calibration unit
* limited to 6.8 kw in application settings

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