Refurbished Analyzers

Thinking of replacing your old instrument with a new one?

Before you do, give us call:

If you don’t have the volume of analysis to justify buying a new Eltra instrument, or renting or leasing-to-own, your last option for a low-cost analyser would be a refurbished one. We do have an inventory of refurbished analyzers, sold at a fraction of what a new one would cost. Our refurbishing work is very thorough. We strip down the instruments to the last screw, we replace or recondition everything we think may cause problems, test every module and re-assemble the instrument back together. We don’t compromise when it comes to quality, therefore we don’t’ have a problem matching manufacturer’s warranty on new instruments. When all work is completed, we perform all the adjustments and calibrations required and make sure the instruments operate to manufacturer’s specifications.

For any questions or to get more information on refurbished instruments contact us at
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Refurbished Inventory
CHN-1000 Carbon Nitrogen Hydrogen Analyzer
CNS-2000 Carbon Nitrogen Sulphur Determinator
CS-200 Carbon Sulfur Determinator
DH-102 Carbon Sulfur Determinator
CS-800 ELTRA Carbon Sulfur Determinator
CS-344 Carbon Sulfur Determinator
CS-444 Carbon Sulfur Determinator
DH-102 Hydrogen Analyzer
FP-2000 Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer
TC-136 Nitrogen Oxygen Analyzer
RO-116 Oxygen Analyzer
RO-416DR Oxygen Analyzer
SC-444 Sulfur Carbon Analyzer

These analyzers are thoroughly refurbished, fully operational, tested and calibrated. They include consumable package, installation and training, extended warranty (Canada and USA). Trade-in for older analyzers may be available. Please contact us for more information.