Lab 3000

Belec lab 3000s

With the new belec lab 3000s it is our intention to provide a compact, top grade spectrometer that is exceptionally economical for metal analysis in small- and medium-sized enterprises. It comes with inert-gas breathed spectrometer optics and is configured for the most-wanted analytical applications. The new, small-sized analyser achieves low detection limits and excellent precision which has only been known in larger stationary spectrometers until now.

Photomultiplier have been implemented for signal-to-noise detection levels, which has not been exceeded by other technologies.

An innovative Argon flushing system inside the measuring chamber means very low Argon flow requirements. This contributes to very low operating expenses.

The small shelf area of belec lab 3000s and it’s low weight of 49kg enables installation even in a restricted space, e.g. on a desk. Special lab arrangements are unnecessary.

Belec lab 3000s brochure (English)
Belec lab 3000s la brochure (French)


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