Vario Lab

EXTRA FLEXIBLE – Belec Vario Lab

Belec has entirely re-designed the well established laboratory spectrometer. The new Belec Vario Lab again sets a unique standard in terms of precision and flexibility as it has been continuously improved in order to fulfill today’s needs for metal analysis.

It is – again – the most competitive in terms of flexibility as far as sample size and shape is concerned.
In order to reduce regular operating costs, belec has designed a sparking table that consumes much less argon. In combination with the more powerful plasma generator it is hard to beat. Routine maintenance efforts could be reduced with the new design.

There are no headaches for you for installation preparation:
It fits through standard doors and because of the reinforced plastic shell the weight has been greatly reduced. Still, with exceptional performance.

Product Highlights

  • Multi-Base capable
  • reduced analysis cycles
  • small size and weight for a laboratory spectrometer
  • unbeaten price/performance ratio
  • very flexible for all kinds of sample sizes and shapes

NEW Belec Vario Lab (English)


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