Carbon Sulfur Analyzers

Eltra analyzers are designed for the rapid simultaneous determination of carbon in sulphur in a wide variety of materials, both organic and inorganic.

For mostly inorganic applications, such as metals, have a look at the CS-800 model, with induction furnace.

For mostly organic materials, such as plant and soil, check out the Eltra CS-530 model, which has a resistance furnace.

For diverse materials, or if you’re a commercial laboratory with various applications, you’ll be happy to discover the Eltra CS-2000, a unique instrument that incorporates both an induction and a resistance furnace into one analyzer!

The newest Eltra instrument is the Helios, which incorporates the CS-530, the auto-loader and the TIC module into one versatile instrument. Ask us for details!

For Total Inorganic Carbon and Total Carbon analysis, the TIC module is an accessory to the CS-2000 and the Cs-530 models.

The auto-loader can be customized for 36, 104 or 130 samples, and will give you hours of unattended operation, a great accessory for a busy laboratory!