CS-2000 Dual Furnace Double Dual Range Carbon / Sulfur Determinator

A unique analyzer that incorporates two furnaces : a resistance furnace and an induction furnace! Your most versatile instrument, ideal for a busy laboratory with various applications.

The CS-2000 is designed for the rapid simultaneous determination of carbon and sulphur in steel, cast iron, copper, alloys, ores, cement, ceramics, carbides, minerals, sand, glass, coke, coal, oil, ashes, catalysts, lime, gypsum, soils, rubber, leaves, soot, tobacco, waste etc.

The CS-2000 features a microcontroller, a high temperature resistance furnace up to 1550 degrees Celsius, an induction furnace, and solid state infrared detectors with auto zero and auto range control.

  • Induction and resistance furnace in one analyser
  • Four Solid state infrared detectors
  • Infrared paths made of gold
  • No halogen trap required
  • Analysis of organics and inorganics
  • Fractional analysis of free and bound carbon and sulphur
  • Separation of organic and inorganic carbon
  • Separation of sulfides and sulfates
  • PC controlled
  • Modular design

For a busy laboratory, the Auto-loader is a great accessory to the CS-2000.

An optional TIC module will alternatively analyse TIC (Total Inorganic Carbon) and TC (Total Carbon).

Information and Specifications on CS-2000

Standards Compliance:
ISO-9556, ISO-4935, ISO – 10694; ASTM E-1019, E-1587, E-1915-97, D-1552, D-4239, D-5016, D-1619; DIN EN 13137; UOP-703-98; PN-93 G-04514/17