CS-800 Carbon \ Sulfur Determinator

The CS-800 is designed for the rapid simultaneous determination of carbon and sulphur in steel, cast iron, copper, alloys, ores, cement, ceramics, carbides, minerals, sand, glass etc.

The CS-800 features a microcontroller, induction furnace, and solid state infrared detectors with auto zero and auto range control.

  • Four Solid state infrared cells
  • No halogen trap required
  • Automatic furnace cleaning
  • Power controlled induction furnace
  • PC controlled
  • Up to 20 grams of copper samples without accelerators

For a busy laboratory, the Auto-loader is a great accessory to the CS-800.

Information and Specifications on CS-800

Standards Compliance:
ISO-9556, ISO-4935, ISO – 10694 ASTM E-1019, E-1587, E-1915-97 UOP-703-98