Surface Model Analyzer – SC-800

The SC-800 is designed for the rapid and accurate determination of surface carbon on copper, steel, metals and alloys, ceramics, glass, etc. using up to date combustion technology. The detection method is infrared absorption of CO2. The SC-800 can be supplied with two independent infrared cells. The sensitivity of these cells can be customized to meet specific requirements. The IR-absorption lenghts can be individually selected to offer optimum precision for the analysis of high and low levels of carbon.

Information and Specifications on SC-800

    The SC-800 features a microcontroller, a high temperature resistance furnace and solid state infrared detectors with auto zero and auto range control.

  • Air preventing sluice design
  • Stand alone unit and PC controlled
  • Electronic gas flow control
  • Oxygen saving feedback flow
  • Modular design
  • Catalogue
  • Flow chart
  • Specifications
  • Consumables