N Protein Analyser

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Setting new standards in Protein analysis

N-Protein Analyser

EA3017-Prot : Protein Analyser

EuroEA3017-Prot is a compact, fully automatic, fast analyser for very accurate N-Protein content determination. The system allows for a straight-forward operation: PC and Callidus, the most advanced dedicated EA software, fully supervise all operations.

The system, in 60 seconds, automatically enter sample weights from the balance, downloads pre-set parameters, activates the AutoSampler, controls the entire combustion process, acquires and handles data from a sample sequence, and reports results in one of several report forms.

EuroVector Model EA3017-Prot sets new standards for maximum accuracy and simplicity in Nitrogen Protein % determination. The system, taking advantage from the Patented TurboFlashTM Combustion Technology, allows for user selection of Pressurised Oxygen Volume injection for improved combustion in difficult to burn matrices, improving accuracy. Sample sizes range from 10-40mg up to 100mg or more, limiting ash formation.

Introduction of Ash Removal Device, allowing for ash elimination in a matter of seconds without extracting the Combustion Reactor from the Furnace, fully exploits the catalyst life.

  • AOAC compliance. The EuroVector System meets AOAC recommendations for combustion methods for N-Protein analysis and guarantees extremely accurate analytical results as % N-Protein.
  • Sample throughput. For high sample throughput a Dual Furnaces Configuration Mode is available.
  • Flexibility of Protein Analyser. EA3017 instrument can be converted in any of the classical CHNS-O determination using non expensive configuration kits.