Hplc Products – Whats New

Hplc Products – Whats New

New Anions and Cations—High Sensitivity Chromatography System The LC1205k is a high performance fully-featured detector for all applications requiring UV/Vis detection. It provides an extended variable wavelength selection range from 190 to 800 nm. The micro-processor controlled stepper motor permits fast and accurate wavelength switching, low-noise dual-wavelength operation and high speed “on-the-fly” spectral scanning. A wide selection of flow cells is available for analytical, bio-compatible capillary and preparative assays. Advanced features include wavelength time programming. Up to ten timed wavelength changes can be easily programmed with the method file protected in non-volatile on-board memory.

Figure 1: Suppressed Anion Chromatogram with detection limits.

Figure 2: Suppressed Cation Chromatogram with detection limits.

Savings on HPLC D2 Lamps D2 lamp Always having to budget for expensive D2 lamps for your HPLC system? Well not any more! We now have D2 lamps for both the WatersTM Model 484 and 486 UV-Vis detectors and validation data is included. GBC offers D2 lamps with better performance at a better price. Yes!—you could buy another HPLC column with the money saved! Contact us.


At Romquest we know your time is precious, and choosing the right equipment for your application, reliable and cost-efficient over the long term, in your budget range, can be difficult. That’s why we’re investing our time to showcase what our products can do for you! We’re available to chat by phone or Skype, and encourage you to take advantage of personal demonstrations at the Romquest office.


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