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UV-Visible Spectrophotometer – Cintra

In 1986, GBC enhanced its product range to include its newly developed series of UV-Vis spectrometers. Twenty Five years later, the release of the 4th generation of the Cintra Family of UV-Vis spectrometers signifies a new generation of the highest performance true double beam spectrometers available on the market today. These instruments offer versatility required for the diverse range of applications in today’s modern laboratory. The high performance Cintra family ranges from the cost effective 1010 for manual routine applications through to the superior automated high performing double monochromator 4040 with exceptional stray light rejection that allows you to confidently analyse demanding samples beyond 5 absorbance units.

The series includes:

Cintra 1010, for powerful performance at entry level price.
Cintra 2020, allows automation and has better specifications than the 1010.
Cintra 3030, research grade instrument with variable slit width and enhanced UV performance.
Cintra 4040, true double monochromator with outstanding specifications for best performance.

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Outstanding Performance Specifications

The Cintra series are state of the art, high speed scanning true double beam spectrometers featuring Windows® 7 based Cintral software and USB communication. As well as the best optical specifications available, these instruments have the fastest scan speed than any other UV-Vis spectrometer on the market today.

Powerful Software
Cintral software is Windows® 7 based and offers full instrument and accessory control, data analysis, report generation and complete system performance validation and IQ/OQ. Cintral software is also available as an upgrade on any 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation GBC UV-Vis spectrometer.

Automated Accessories
A complete range of modular automated accessories is available, including auto sippers, batch sample changers, two total integrating spheres, two autosamplers and a wide choice of ambient, water thermostattable or peltier controlled cell holders. Change over is quick and easy with accessories being automatically recognized by the software.

Cintra 4040
Cintra 3030
Cintra 2020
Cintra 1010
Cintral Software
Cintra Accessories
Sample Changers
Sippers and Autosamplers
Total Integrating Sphere
Temperature Controlled Cell Holders
Certified Performance Verification Kits


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