XRD Automation Software

Upgrades for XRD systems

When is an old XRD system no longer useful? GBC Difftech challenges traditional thinking about this issue and offers life to equipment previously thought of as dead at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new XRD equipment.


The X-ray diffraction technology is also available for upgrading any brand of powder diffractometer systems. These upgrade opportunities include both software and hardware and will provide unmatched automation control and data acquisition. The Difftech 122D provides hardware control and is complemented with the Visual XRD and Traces software.


At Romquest we know your time is precious, and choosing the right equipment for your application, reliable and cost-efficient over the long term, in your budget range, can be difficult. That’s why we’re investing our time to showcase what our products can do for you! We’re available to chat by phone or Skype, and encourage you to take advantage of personal demonstrations at the Romquest office.


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