Belec compact port (portable)

With a weight of only 17 kg this extremely powerful spectrometer is the smallest of its kind. It is particularly easy to handle. The software can be operated by touch screen. For extensive data input, e.g. detailed sample description or for creating additionally material grades, the full size keyboard can be used also. Optionally a mouse can be connectd.
Data is displayed by TFT display, which offers the highest contrast ratio and reading angle among flat screens. The size of the display guarantees an easy data read off.
You can transfer data with a serial port, USB connector or by floppy disc to other computer. Optionally an Ethernet connection to your local net is available.
The Belec-WIN 21-Software is used to control the belec compact port. The display shows the analysis and average of a number of measurements, relative and absolute standard deviation and the evaluation of analysis results by comparison with entries in a material data bank. The new grade indication shows automatically the material grade which corresponds to the analyse result. Therefore, operation of the belec compact port is considerably simplified, particularly for less experienced users.

Belec compact port brochure (English)
Belec compact port la brochure (French)