Oxford Instruments X-MET7000 eXpress

NEW, faster handheld XRF analyser – X-MET7000 eXpress

The NEW X-MET7000 eXpress delivers the high performance needed when measuring trace elements without compromising on time. The X-MET7000 eXpress includes Oxford Instruments’ 40 kV X-ray tube and high resolution, high count rate Silicon-drift detector (SDD).

X-MET7000 eXpress hand lowres

Our new portable XRF analyser benefits from:

  • Accurate analysis with lower limits of detection
  • Improved precision (repeatability)
  • Faster analysis time to increase productivity
  • Largest alloy grade library on the market for accurate grade identification
  • Flexible and powerful data download for results, spectra – download reports directly onto a USB memory stick, or onto a PC/laptop/tablet, using USB connection or WiFi
  • The X-MET7000 eXpress analyses, verifies and screens materials up to 4 times faster than the X-MET7000 QuickSort.

This handheld XRF analyser is the ideal tool for quick analysis; as required in the scrap, PMI and the environmental testing industries.

Download X-MET7000 eXpress General Brochure

Increase productivity and profitability with the X-MET7000 eXpress XRF analyser from Oxford Instruments.


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