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Rigaku analytical devices presents latest metal alloy analysis solutions at IMTS Spark

Rigaku Analytical Devices is showcasing its handheld KT-100S LIBS analyzer for metal alloy analysis in the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) Spark Showroom Wilmington, MA – September 21, 2020 – Rigaku Analytical Devices, the market leader in handheld laser-based technology will showcase its Rigaku KT-100S handheld laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer for metal alloy analysis, in the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) Spark Showroom, available September 21, 2020 – March 15, 2021. IMTS Spark is a comprehensive digital platform for manufacturing professionals to access relevant technology, topics, and people. The online experience will host product videos, exhibitor showrooms, knowledge

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The Romquest Advantage

Romquest Technologies and Alpha Canada Inc. are exclusive Canadian distributors for reputable manufacturers of high quality analyzers and consumables from Germany, USA and Australia: Download Booklet Are you looking for a new Carbon Sulphur analyzer ? The Eltra CS-i from Romquest Technologies, is your best-value choice ! Acquisition Price : The New generation of Eltra CS-I & CS-d analyzers  (replacing the popular CS-800&CS-2000 with autoloaders) are competitively priced Romquest’s terms and conditions offer the best value-added benefits References : We have excellent references for analyzers installed over the last 16 years, still working well in busy laboratories, fully supported by

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Rigaku Demonstrates Improved Handheld LIBS Capabilities for Quality Assurance at FABTECH 2019

The Rigaku family of handheld analyzers, for use in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries, is presented at FABTECH 2019 11/11/19, 06:25 AM | Processing & Handling, Design & DevelopmentRigaku Analytical Devices, a leading pioneer of handheld spectroscopic analyzers, will demonstrate its latest portfolio of handheld analyzers for metal alloy analysis at FABTECH – the largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event in North America – taking place November 11-14 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL in booth #A5005. The Rigaku family of KT laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) handheld analyzers provide an alternative for identification of

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The metal found in industrial environments is usually dirty and oxidized. Good surface preparation is key for obtaining the most accurate and repeatable test results on hand-held analyzers. This is especially true with LIBS and the Rigaku KT-100S LIBS analyzer, as LIBS is a surface technique. If your surface is not representative of the metal alloy itself, the condition of the sample surface will impact your results. As with other techniques, like XRF and OES, results will improve with the more sample prep you provide. All non-representative material, such as paint, coating, corrosion, or scale material, should be removed prior to running an analysis. This can

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Rigaku KT-100S Handheld LIBS

The Rigaku KT-100S Handheld LIBS is… FAST – 1-3 second measurement time SAFE – No Radiation, No Dosimetry, Less Regulation Lower Cost to Own – No Expensive, Fragile X-Ray Tubes or Detectors Comprehensive Grade Library with Accurate Identification of All Alloys: Aluminum (3105, 6061, 6063) Cobalt (Jetalloy, Elgiloy, F-75) Copper (C230, C443, C710) Nickel (Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy) Steel (304, 316, 321) Titanium (Ti CP, Ti 6-4)

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Additive manufacturing, as well as powder injection molding, offer great potential if the raw materials employed are of optimum quality. But the process needs to be continuously monitored, and the finished parts need to be examined meticulously to ascertain the relevant parameters for a high-quality, cost-efficient production process. Download PDF

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ELTRA’s new ELEMENTRAC CS-d analyzer is suitable for measuring C/S concentrations in both organic and inorganic sample materials When using conventional elemental analyzers for carbon and sulfur determination in solids, the user must decide whether to use a resistance furnace to analyze organic compounds or an induction furnace for inorganic compounds. Not with ELTRA’s unique analyzer, the ELEMENTRAC CS-d which combines both techniques! Thanks to ELTRA’s Dual Furnace Technology, the user only needs one analyzer to examine organic matrices (such as fuels, oils, chemicals) and inorganic matrices (such as steel, ores, ceramics, glass) for their carbon and sulfur content directly without cumbersome sample

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In the brochure “Solutions for Additive Manufacturing & Powder Injection Molding”, the 6 companies present their offering The rapidly advancing technology of additive manufacturing opens new possibilities for producing highly sophisticated, often miniaturized, light parts which could not be manufactured by conventional methods. Quality control of the raw materials, as well as of the manufactured parts, is where the solutions provided by the Verder Scientific companies come into play. In the brochure “Solutions for Additive Manufacturing & Powder Injection Molding”, the 6 companies present their offering: Particle characterization of metal powders with Dynamic Image Analysis – RETSCH Technology Elemental analysis

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Effective Quality Control of Steel and Iron Products with Combustion Analysis

The element concentration of carbon (C), sulfur (S), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O) in iron products, such as steel, have a significant influence on material properties like ductility, brittleness, or hardness. Hence, reliable determination of the C, H, N, S, O contents is a routine quality control task in steel and iron production. This article explores the application fields and advantages of elemental analyzers, which are also known as combustion analyzers, in the steel industry. Download

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At Romquest we know your time is precious, and choosing the right equipment for your application, reliable and cost-efficient over the long term, in your budget range, can be difficult. That’s why we’re investing our time to showcase what our products can do for you! We’re available to chat by phone or Skype, and encourage you to take advantage of personal demonstrations at the Romquest office.


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