<a href="http://romquest.com/products/elemental-analyzers/alpha-canada-consumables/"><font color="#c04b27">CONSUMABLES FOR ELEMENTAL ANALYZERS <br>Alpha Resources Canada</font></a>
Alpha Canada has a very competitive offer of consumables for elemental analyzers.
Alpha / Leco Cross-Reference
Alpha / Elementar Cross-Reference
Alpha / Preiser / Parr Cross-Reference
Alpha / Horiba Cross-Reference
Alpha / Dumatherm / Costech Cross-Reference

Alpha Canada offers a wide range of Certified standards and CRM for instrument calibration and a certified ISO/IEC 17025:2005 laboratory.
<a href="http://romquest.com/products/eurovector-chnso-analyzers" title="eurovector chnso analyzers"><font color="#c04b27">CHNS/O ANALYZERS <br>Eurovector</font></a>
EA3000 Series are compact, fully automatic Elemental Analyzers for the most precise determination of CHNS and O.
CHNS-O Elemental Analyser
N-Protein Analyzer
SNOL producing over 70 models of Laboratory furnaces and ovens and over 90 models of Industrial furnaces/ovens. In 2004 company merged with – JSC Umega group – the largest metal processing company in the Baltic States. SNOL based in Utena, Lithuania is a leading manufacturer of furnaces and dryers.
<a href="http://romquest.com/products/elemental-analyzers/"><font color="#c04b27">Elemental Analyzers<br>Eltra GMBH</font></a>
Romquest Technologies is proud to represent Etra GMBH in Canada. We sell, install, service and support the Eltra analyzers in Canada.
Fully Automated Laboratory
Replacement parts
We provide perfect Mobile Metal Analysis with laboratory precision and German quality, as well as compact and full size Laboratory Emission Spectrometers!
Belec Vario Lab (stationary)
Belec compact port (portable)
Compact Port HLC
Belec lab 3000s

Electronic weighting
instruments - RADWAG

RADWAG Balances and Scales is a leading European manufacturer that offers a complete range of electronic weighting instruments and accessories.
Laboratory analytical balances
Industrial Scales
Medical Scales
Special Scales
Measuring indicators

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Romquest Technologies is the exclusive Canadian distributor for reputable manufacturers of high quality analyzers and consumables from Europe and USA. Our product lines include: Eltra Elemental Analyzers, Eurovector CHNS/O and N-Protein Analyzers, Belec Optical Emission Spectrometers, LAC Laboratory furnaces and dryers, Radwag Balances & Scales and Alpha Resources consumables, supplies and certified standards for elemental analyzers/ICP/AA/MS.