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EA3000 Series are compact, fully automatic Elemental Analyzers for the most precise determination of CHNS and O. The series is based on TurboFlashTM Combustion Technology, a US patented principle to inject a user selected pressurized oxygen volume. It represents a quantum leap in the state of the art of Dynamic Flash Combustion Principle, providing flexibility and control of the combustion process: catalysts and oxygen are conserved, difficult matrices are broken with ease and analytical precision improved for both elemental and isotopic determinations. The family analyses the following Combustion Applications:

  • (CHNS), (CNS), (S)
  • (CHN), (CN), (N)

Pyrolytic Application:

  • in Pyrolysis for standalone at T= 1070В°C

EA3000 is available as Single (EA3000-S) or Dual (EA3000-D) Furnace Series.

Single Furnace is able to handle all configurations reported above. Dual Furnace is granting higher throughput.

Each Model is provided complete with Analytical Protocol showing analytical layout, instrument parameters, specific itemised list of the components and consumables required. Other information such as how to fill quartz reactors, how to calibrate the equipment, how to select results reports and other information related to Reference Standard Material, as well as how to handle different categories of samples are also reported. Key benefits are:

  • Rapid. EA3000 is a rapid CHNS-O Analyser delivering the highest levels of speed and performance yet achieved: 4 Elements (CHNS) analyzed in 5 minute. Built-in leak detection, wake up routine, flow rate monitoring, quick and safe change of exhausted reactor, unlimited methods storage of pre-set parameters, are a few of the new outstanding features.
  • Simple. Instrument operation is truly intuitive for the first time through the use of Callidus SW, allowing full automation and manual override at the instrument keypad. Callidus sets all analytical parameter, integrates and reprocesses data according to GLP, prompting for routine maintenance.
  • Flexible. The same basic instrument can be configured for all current and emerging new applications. EA3000 delivers maximum flexibility through modularity and upgradability.
  • Cost effective. EA3000, with new long life catalysts designed for pressurised oxygen injection, is cost effective to operate with unprecedented reliability and minimum downtime. Gas saving routine with zero gas flow in stand-by and intelligent catalyst protection are included.

Considering several hundreds of different samples in the widest variety of Analytical Applications, EuroVector have intensively worked out grouping them in five “Samples by Category” as follows:


Food, Feed, Cereals

Feeding 9 billions people by mid-century is the planet’s target. The superfast, reliable and environmental friendly N-Protein Analyser… our provision.

Soils, Sediments, Rocks, Vegetables

Finding new arable lands and balancing soil C/N ratio, S concentration and TIC/TOC ratio, outcomes in better production quality and full respect of the environment.

Organics, Synthetic Compounds, Polymers, Pharma

EA3000, with its unbeatable detection limit and 5 min CHNS-O analysis run time, is the perfect tool to keep the high global cost of poor chemical management and its associated health and environmental risk under control.

Plants, Plants, Branches, Leaves, Roots

Determination of micronutrients concentration in plants and vegetables is an invaluable aid to nutrient management decisions, both in agronomy and ecosystems preservation.

Energy & Renewable
Coal, Petroleum & Lubricants, Biofuel, Biomasses, Wastes

EA3000 provides the highest level of analysis performances in new energetic tasks such as selection of cleaner combustibles and transformation of hazardous waste into safe energy.


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