Eltra Analysers

NEW Eltra Analyzers made in Germany

Romquest Technologies is proud to represent Etra GMBH in Canada. We sell, install, service and support the Eltra analyzers in Canada.
Eltra Gmbh. Is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of elemental analysers for rapid accurate analysis at affordable prices.
Eltra has thousands of happy customers worldwide. Their Carbon, Sulfur, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen determinators offer very competitive levels of performance to price ratios, which helped Eltra enter new markets in many different countries. Year by year, ELTRA’s market share is increasing considerably.
The steel, automobile, mining and aerospace industries, among others, are all customers for ELTRA analyzers.
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Alpha Canada : Consumables for Elemental Analyzers

Alpha Canada has a very competitive offer of consumables for elemental analyzers. We have a great offer of consumables for inorganic, organic and metallography, for Leco, Eltra, ICP/AA instruments.. You’ll save a lot of money buying all your crucibles, boats, standards, o-rings, glass tubes etc from us ! Please feel free to register \ login to get instant access to our inventory. Or call us at 416.743.0200 for more information.


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Replacement parts

We guarantee availability and honest prices for all replacement parts required to keep your new Eltra instruments working for years to come. We also carry hard-to-find and obsolete parts for your older analyzers. Please register \ login to get instant access to our replacement parts inventory at very competitive prices! Or give us a call at 1.888.742.9068.

Elemental Analysis – applications and materials

Elemental analysis determines the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur content in solids. ELTRA analyzers are the instrument of choice for the elemental analysis of many different materials. The table below illustrates which analyzer is suitable for which application and material.

Cs‑i Cs‑d C(H)S‑580
ONH‑2000 TGA CW‑800 SurfaceC‑800

The table below shows which elements can be determined by which elemental analyzer. Simply click on the analyzer name corresponding to your application for technical specifications and detailed product information.

Inorganic materials | Organic materials







Analysis of carbon, hydrogen and sulfur – CHS Analyzers
---CS-580 1)
---CS-580A 1)
--CHS-580 2)
--CHS-580A 2)

Analysis of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen – ONH Analyzer

Analyzers for special applications
Analysis of carbon dioxide and water CW-800 3)
Analysis of carbon dioxide and water CW-800M 3)
Analysis of surface carbon SurfaceC-800
Thermogravimetric analysis TGA Thermostep

1) While the CS-580 uses a horizontal furnace, the CS-580A is equipped with a vertical furnace in order to integrate the automatic sample changer “Autoloader”.
2)While the CHS-580 uses a horizontal furnace, the CHS-580A is equipped with a vertical furnace in order to integrate the automatic sample changer “Autoloader”.
3) Compared to the CW-800 the CW-800M has a furnace which allows the fast adjustment of temperatures in the furnace. Temperature steps (“ramps”) can be programmed for each application.