Canadian Mineral Analysts Conference 2014

CMA 2014
Saskatoon, SK, September 23-22

All workshops will be hosted at the Delta Bessborough Hotel on Monday, September 22, 2014.


Morning: 8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m
Afternoon: 1:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.


X-ray Analysis Workshop – Hosted by Bruker

Course content

  • Qualitative evaluation of matrix effects – quick and easy way to predict and apply interelement corrections.
  • New online XRF analyzer for real time analysis in mining
  • Multielement and sequential XRF instruments in complete automation laboratory for analysis of mining samples.
  • Quantitative XRD analysis using Topas software.

Making the most of Internal Audits and Management Reviews in Accredited Laboratories – Hosted by CALA

Course content

  • Overview of an internal audit
  • Selecting an effective audit team
  • Preparing for an audit
  • How to use the information from the audit
  • Overview of a management review
  • Connecting the management review to business results
  • Collecting data for the review
  • Presenting data (graphs, charts, reports, etc.)
  • Creating an executive overview

Process Mapping in an Accredited Laboratory – Hosted by CALA

Course content

  • Overview of process mapping
  • Diagnosing a process
  • Process mapping
  • Constructing flow charts
  • Process metrics
  • Implementing process improvement

Solving Your Real-world Atomic Spectroscopy Challenges – Hosted by Perkin Elmer

Course Content

  • Optimizing your Graphite Furnace and Flame AA
  • Used Oils Analysis
  • Characterization of coal and its by-products using borate fusions and ICP-OES analyses
  • Speciation Applications Update
  • FAST FIAS ICP-MS: High Throughput Analysis of High Dissolved Solids Samples with Excellent Detection Limits and Low Carry-over
  • Techniques for Creating Robust ICP-MS Conditions to Accurately Analyze Complex Matrices

An Introduction to Fire Assaying Workshop – Hosted by Quality Analysis Consultants

Course content

  • A Fire Assay Overview
  • Fluxes and Their Application
    • Introduction
    • Flux and Reagent Properties and Uses
    • Basic Fluxes
    • Acid Fluxes
    • Neutral Fluxes
    • Reducing Agents
    • Oxidizing Agents
    • Desulfurizing Agents
    • Fluxing, Fusion and Cupellation
      • Fluxing Procedures
      • Roasting
      • The Fusion Process
      • Cupellation
      • Gravimetric and Instrument Finishes
        • Gravimetric Finishing
        • Instrumental Finishing
        • Platinum Group Elements
        • Units and Reporting
        • Trouble Shooting
        • Quality Control in the Fire Assay Process



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