Graphite analysis using Eltra Determinators


Analysis of graphite using current laboratory methods which involve the use of some form of filtration, may suffer from low recoveries. Graphite recovery, when employing the technique of filtration, is a function of the particle size distribution.

Accurate graphite analysis, as well as speciation of carbon forms can be directly performed using a single weighed sample without the use of acids and filtration. A 0.5 g sample is subjected to a multistage furnace treatment to analyze/remove species of carbon with the exception of graphitic carbon. Either a resistance or induction furnace can be used for analysis. During combustion, carbon-bearing elements are reduced; releasing the carbon, which immediately binds with the oxygen to form CO and CO , the majority being . Carbon is measured as carbon dioxide in the IR cell as gases flow through the IR cells. Carbon dioxide absorbs IR energy at a precise wavelength
within the IR spectrum.

All analysis is performed using Eltra instruments.

Instrumentation Summary

Eltra CW-800 CO2/Water Determinator – direct analysis only for , no other forms of carbon, using a resistance furnace.
Eltra CS-2000 – direct analysis for Total C, species dependent on sample pretreatment, using either an induction or resistance furnace.
Eltra Helios – direct analysis for Total C, species dependent on sample pretreatment, using a resistance furnace.

Method has been demonstrated to produce both accurate and precise analysis.

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