Handheld XRF Analyser now available with integrated camera

Oxford Instruments’ handheld XRF analyser X-MET7000 Series is now available with an optional integrated camera

Oxford Instrumets is represented in the Canadian mining industry by :
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The new integrated camera allows Oxford Instruments’ X-MET7000 users to accurately position the portable analyser on the samples, store images for future reference and include them in the analysis reports. The new camera option is available for the handheld XRF analysers X-MET7000 eXpress and X-MET7500.

x-met7000-range-handheld-xrf-analysersWith only three simple steps, the X-MET7000 Series with integrated camera accurately analyses, verifies and screens material:

1. Position the X-MET using the camera image
2. Press the trigger to start the analysis
3. Save and print customised reports

Accurate positioning of the analyser ensures users measure the part of the sample that is of interest (e.g. mineral vein, weld), and having the sample image in the analysis report is often required in jewellery analysis and compliance testing for future reference.

The optional integrated camera increases the X-MET7000 eXpress and X-MET7500’s ease of use even further, along with the X-MET’s largest touch screen available on the market, and its intuitive and easy-to-read graphical user interface with large functional icons. The bright and high contrast 4.3” Blanview® transmissive LCD touch screen ensures optimal outdoor viewing, even in direct sunlight. Up to 10-12 hours battery life enables operation for a full working day on a single battery charge.
The handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysers come with unsurpassed reporting flexibility; reports can be downloaded on a USB memory stick, or to a laptop using a USB connection or WiFi. The results screen and reports can be easily customised, e.g. to show pass/fail messages. The rugged, yet light and compact design of the X-MET7000 Series withstands the harshest environments and weather conditions.

Furthermore, the X-MET7000 Series comes with the largest alloy grades library available on the handheld XRF market, with over 1,600 grades to ensure accurate identification of metals.

Increase productivity and profitability with the X-MET7000 eXpress and X-MET7500 XRF analysers from Oxford Instruments. Contact us today at sales@romquest.com to arrange a demonstration.

Represented in Canadian mining industry by :
Romquest Technologies, Tel : 888-742-9068, website : www.romquest.com



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