The auto-loader is an ideal accessory for busy laboratories, as it designed to give hours of unattended operation.

It comes in 3 versions : 36, 104, 130 positions. On specific request, it can be customized for even more positions.

The auto-loader is an accessory for the CS-800, CS-2000 or the Helios analyzers.

The auto loader, which does not occupy any additional bench space, is mounted above the area where the balance, PC, monitor and consumables are normally situated.

The crucible positions in the loader are easily accessible to the operator even from a sitting position.
Additional samples can be added whilst the system is running and the “out of sequence” feature will allow urgent samples to be analysed immediately.

All existing ELTRA induction analysers can be retrofitted with this loader, regardless of their age.

Absolutely reliable. Reasonably priced.