OptiMass 9600 – The World’s only SIMULTANEOUS Time of Flight ICP-MS

OptiMass 9600 – The World’s only SIMULTANEOUS Time of Flight ICP-MS

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With the release of the third generation OptiMass 9600, GBC remains at the forefront in the development and marketing of ICP orthogonal Time-of-Flight Simultaneous Mass Spectrometry.

The OptiMass 9600 has an impressive install base which covers both the traditional routine screening and sample analysis through to laser ablation, graphite furnace and H PLC interface applications. In fact, the OptiMass 9600 speed of analysis is
particularly suited to any fast transient type analysis.

No matter what your Application, the OptiMass 9600 will analyse faster, more accurately and
more cost effectively than ever before!

The OptiMass 9600 acquires all masses simultaneously, analysis time is the same to analyse one mass or all masses.

The OptiMass 9600 performs 30,000 acquisitions each second. Each acquisition simultaneously measures every mass and
isotope from mass 1 to mass 260 amu. This unique feature represents a major advancement in technology and differentiates
the OptiMass 9600 from any other ICP Mass Spectrometer.

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